Our History

Our History...

1923 – William Madison Sr. went into business with his brother-in-law, Arthur E. Johnson. From its beginning in a remodeled house at 815 9th St. N., the Johnson-Madison Lumber Company eventually helped build much of Great Falls. Johnson-Madison sold lumber, doors, nails, coal, hammers and paintbrushes long before the giant home improvement stores arrived on the scene.

1949 – William Madison Jr. joined the family business.

1952 – When Mr. Johnson retired, Mr. Madison became the sole proprietor.

1954 – Johnson-Madison expanded to offer more products: paint, moldings, and specialized materials.

1955 – The business was incorporated.

1958 – William Madison Sr. retired.

1986 – William Madison Jr., a well-known and beloved figure in the Great Falls community, retired. His sons, William L. Madison and Wayne “Larry” Madison became president and vice-president, respectively.

1990 – The Johnson-Madison Lumber Company moved to its present location at 815 10th St. N.—just one block from its first home.

Today – Johnson-Madison employs up to 60 people, owns a fleet of 28 construction vehicles, and even has its own rail site.